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The 1990s are Classic

Updated: Jul 2

A Decade of Grunge, Glitter, and Game-Changers

Ah, the 1990s – the era when slap bracelets were the height of fashion, Tamagotchis were our virtual responsibility, and dial-up internet made us appreciate the value of patience. It was a time of Y2K fears, Spice Girls mania, and the birth of the World Wide Web.

2024 marks a milestone for the ‘90s. In the tradition of cars becoming classics at the age of 25 years, we can now say that the 1990s are Classic with 1999 a comfortable 25 years in the distance. As the warning etched in our passenger side mirror reminds us (objects in mirror are closer than they appear) looking back is not always as clear as moving forward. And in this case, it’s time that feels distorted.

It can sometimes feel like the 1990s were "just about 10 years ago." Well, believe it or not, we’ve made 25 trips around the sun since the last year of the 20th century. It’s time we start protecting vehicles from that era the way they deserve, with a collector car policy through Hagerty designed for enthusiasts and the totally radical cars they love.

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